Bonus Episode: Connect with Your Baby through Music with Vered Benhorin

Vered is a musician, music therapist, psychotherapist, and mom of 3. Her albums Good Morning My Love and Hello My Baby received GOLD awards from both the Parents Choice Association and the National Parenting Publications. She’s the creator of Baby in Tune, a workshop that teaches parents how to use music to bond with and… Read more »

059: Painless Birth is Possible—One Mother’s Story with Crystalee Beck

Crystalee Beck is a mama of three, cute, mess makers, a writer, and Co-Founder of The Mama Ladder, an organization that empowers women at the intersection of motherhood and entrepreneurship. After leaving her corporate ladder job, she “created her own ladder” to fit her family in 2016. She gets her best ideas on mountain climbs… Read more »

057: Cervical Exams- Everything You Need to Know with the Birth Kweens

Meet, Karly and Ali. Hosts of the Birth Kweens Podcast, a wildly honest conversation on all things natural pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and women’s health. Together, they’ve attended 1,000+ births and have A LOT to say on this. They help women explore their pregnancy options with a funny, lighthearted approach. Our conversation is one of my… Read more »

056: Using Infant Massage to Naturally Alleviate Common Concerns

When Khyati Desai-Seltzer gave birth, her Mom came to live with her for six months to help out and would frequently massage her baby. Khyati took infant massage for granted and saw it as something her culture does for babies. The more she learned from her Mom, the more she became fascinated. Now, she’s certified… Read more »

055: Importance of Community in Motherhood with Kate Turza

Kate Turza is a mom of 3, co-host of the Mom Deconstructed Podcast, and postpartum Doula. She’s passionate about normalizing the emotions that new (and seasoned) moms feel and creating a community in motherhood. It’s so important to share personal stories with other Moms, so you know you’re not alone. In this episode, you’ll hear… Read more »

054: A Mental Health Revolution Begins in Infancy with Greer Kirshenbaum Ph.D.

Greer Kirshenbaum Ph.D. is super excited to be the first Neuroscientist Doula and the first Neuroscientist Infant Sleep Educator. Greer’s company, Nurture Neuroscience, is on a mission to revolutionize the future of health. She wants families and perinatal practitioners to understand how early caregiving experience can boost mental wellness and diminish depression, anxiety, and addiction… Read more »