111: Heal Your Birth Trauma with Katie Sutherland

Katie Sutherland is an energy medicine healer, teacher, and holistic wellness practitioner who has been building her sacred basket of modalities for almost 20 years. She supports mothers to thrive and reclaim their empowerment and vibrancy while navigating the journey of motherhood and childbirth. In this episode, you will hear about: How healing your birth… Read more »

110: Why “All the Mom Feels” Need to be Normalized with Jennifer Strube

Author, educator, and licensed marriage and family therapist, Jennifer Strube spent four decades assisting other people’s children before braving to have her own. Her most recent book Momlandia: An Imperfect Guide to Organic Mothering grew out of a year-long text message rant with her best girlfriend as they embarked into motherhood together. Her work champions… Read more »

109: The Journey to Happy, Healthy Baby Sleep with Hayley Bukhamsin

Hayley Bukhamsin is the founder of The Gentle Mama, creator of Happy, Healthy Sleep: the online baby sleep course with NO sleep training and a certified infant sleep educator. She focuses on a truly gentle, evidence-based, attachment-supporting, empowering, and intuition nurturing approach to baby sleep. Hayley is mama to two girls and lives in Dubai…. Read more »

108: Pregnancy After 40 with Michelle Johnson

When Michelle, an attorney in Atlanta, became pregnant at the age of 40, she immediately scoured the internet for pregnancy information for women her age, only to be inundated with daunting statistics and risks from medical professionals, individuals, and articles. Not succumbing to all of the negative information, Michelle began a private Facebook Group to… Read more »

106: The Journey of Motherhood: Expect the Unexpected with Christine Bullock

Christine Bullock has been teaching fitness and working in the beauty business around the world for over two decades. Christine is the creator of Evolution 20®, a 60-day fitness and nutritional program, Super Shred, and Body Reborn Post-Natal DVD Series. In addition to her Evolution20® Program Christine has developed the 30X30 Total Transformation program for Mindvalley as well as 10 Minute Solutions: Butt Lift which was… Read more »

105: Radical Unschoolling with Danya Martin

Dayna Martin is an advocate, speaker, educator, and author of three books including Raising Rebels, Radically Unschooling, and Sexy Birth. Dayna been featured on The Dr. Phil Show, CNN, Nightline, The Jeff Probst Show, ABC’s hit show, Wife Swap, Fox News, 60 Minutes, and the Bethenny Show. She was used as an informational resource for… Read more »

103: Preparing for Parenthood with Dr. Stephanie Dueger

Dr. Stephanie Dueger is a psychotherapist, parent coach, and educator, who works with expectant and new parents and their little ones. She facilitates parent workshops and is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the academic Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health. Dr. Dueger lives in Boulder, Colorado, with her husband and two daughters. Preparing for Parenthood: 55 Essential Conversations… Read more »