A healthy, happy baby starts with a healthy, happy mama. Through online classes, in-person classes, group coaching, and the Pure Nurture podcast, the focus is on holistic approaches to helping you feel your best—from preconception to birth and beyond.

Through yoga, meditation, hypnobirthing, and more,  I’m devoted to helping you find personalized self-care to best support yourself—mind, body, and baby into motherhood.


As mothers and mothers to be, our hearts grow quickly, and our minds and bodies sometimes struggle to keep up. This is especially true when bringing a new life into the world. You simply can’t pour from an empty cup.
Driven by my own experience as a mother and inspired by the experiences of the many moms I’ve coached, I founded Pure Nurture to create learning and teaching environments that celebrate the power of a woman’s mind and body. My mission is to empower mothers to create ample space for self-care, movement, nourishment and inward kindness. Your ability to love and serve others springs from within; the more fulfilled you are, the less room you have for judgment, doubt and guilt. The more generous we are with ourselves, the more we have to give.

With the inspiration and tools shared here at Pure Nurture, I hope you will find more ease, relaxation, and enjoyment on your journey toward and through motherhood.

In love and in health,

Kristy Rodriguez is a mom, HypnoBirthing® childbirth educator, certified holistic health coach, and registered prenatal yoga instructor specializing in prenatal and postpartum wellness, advocacy and empowerment. With her cumulated years of experience in education and health, she brings extensive knowledge, personal experience and deep compassion to her students.


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