150: Helping Your Kids Thrive in Mind, Body, and Spirit with Jodi Mockabee

Over nine years ago, Jodi and her family started the adventure of homeschooling. Towards the beginning, she wrestled with various methods and philosophies, curriculums, and checklists to find the correct fit for her family. She was in search of a method that embodied the beautiful use of art and natural materials in Waldorf education yet… Read more »

149: Reclaiming Hormonal Balance After a Hard Road with Ana Herrera

Ana G. Herrera suffered from stage IV endometriosis for years and went through excruciating PMS pain, infertility and five surgeries, the last one ending in a full hysterectomy and a colon resection, which led to surgical menopause. Ana’s painful experience inspired her to help others struggling with hormonal imbalances avoid suffering in silence as she did. Knowing… Read more »

148: Financial Lessons for Your Family with Paige Cornetet

Paige Cornetet is the bestselling author of the Spend-Then series, a collection of children’s books teaching financial literacy by simplifying traditionally complicated concepts. A forward-thinking entrepreneur, Paige founded Millennial Guru at the age of twenty-six to provide companies like Kroger and Capital One with business coaching and strength-based team-building workshops. Paige, the eldest of four,… Read more »

147: Easy steps to help your child stop using a pacifier

There are about 172 different pet names for a pacifier.  No matter what you call it, it can be hard on the entire family when it’s time to break the binky habit. In this podcast episode, I’m sharing how our family said, “Chao chupito!” Depending on what you call it, you can be saying “Bye-Bye,… Read more »

145: The Charlotte Mason Method for New Moms with Leah Boden

Leah Boden is wife to Dave, mother to four children, and a longtime home educator. With over two decades of experience in church leadership, Leah’s background also features many years in youth, children’s, and family work within the church and for the local education authority. Leah speaks, hosts podcasts and coaching sessions, and runs workshops sharing the… Read more »