075: How to Have a Luxurious Pregnancy with HeHe Stewart

Tranquility by HeHe is a Maternity Concierge, Doula, and Birthing Service in the Boston area. Their mission is to provide high quality, holistic, individualized doula services to Boston families in an empowering and nurturing environment. They take their doula services above and beyond prenatal, birth, and postpartum support by managing all of the “time-sucking” things… Read more »

074: Take Back Your Health with Robin Shirley

Robin Shirley, CHHC, is the Founding President of Take Back Your Health Int’l, a company that hosts internationally attended health conferences and retreats across the U.S. She speaks, consults, and writes about The Take Back Your Health Lifestyle and how to reduce the symptoms of chronic illness. She has spoken for the University of Virginia… Read more »

073: Boost your Fertility + Get in the Flo with Alisa Vitti

Alisa made history on the Dr. Oz Show when she discussed menstruation on national TV. She showed them how to ‘read’ your menstrual blood (using mashed fruit as props) to determine if you have hormonal imbalances. You can see the video here. She also spoke about hormones, neurochemistry, feminine energy, entrepreneurship, and success at TEDx,… Read more »

072: Deepen Your Body Wisdom with Leslie Huddart

Meet Leslie Huddart. Although she didn’t recognize it as a child, she’s been on a healer’s path her whole life. She’s an acupuncturist who studied reiki, Thai massage, shiatsu, and Asian medicine. Now she teaches women (and men who “get it” ) skills of self-mastery in her Subtle Body Certification TM program, The Body Wisdom… Read more »

071: Cosmic Parenting with Tara Vogel

Tara Vogel helps moms stay connected to their kids and themselves via the cosmos. In this episode, Tara shares what Astrology is and how it can help you become the kind of mom you want to be. She’ll talk about how understanding your child’s birth chart can help you to embrace and support the unfolding… Read more »

070: Living from Your Heart with Angela Barbieri Usas

Important question: Are you living from your head or your heart? A lot of us are stuck in our heads, working a job we hate without considering what our heart wants. Angela Barbieri Usas, mom of three, guides us back to our hearts, so we can hear the truth of what we want. She believes… Read more »

068: Your Nurtured Brain with Shveta Sontakey

Welcome Shveta Sontakey back on the podcast! On episode 19, she said how hypnobirthing was the most empowering thing she did for herself, and her family. Today she invites us to see what our brains look like for the first time. In her new business, Nurtured Brain, she helps families optimize their brain power through… Read more »

067: Baby Astrology: What the Stars Say About Your Child’s Personality with Tracey L. Rogers

Tracey L. Rogers is an Activist, professional Astrologer, and certified Life Coach serving clients throughout the DMV, nationally, and abroad. With extensive knowledge of Western astrological thought and traditions, Tracey has been studying the stars for over 20 years. As a Leo who understands the importance of self-awareness, self-acceptance, and being completely authentic, Tracey’s practice… Read more »