049: Real food for pregnancy with Lily Nichols

Lily Nichols is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator, researcher, and author with a passion for evidence-based prenatal nutrition and exercise. Her work is known for being research-focused, thorough, and unapologetically critical of outdated dietary guidelines. She is the author of two bestselling books, Real Food for Pregnancy and Real Food for Gestational Diabetes. In… Read more »

048: Best of Season One! (and a sneak peek of season two)

We are 2 episodes away from the end of Season 1 of the Pure Nurture Hypnobirthing Podcast! We’ll celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the podcast in September 2019 with the kick-off to season 2. As we head toward the finish line, I thought it’d be fun to go through a TOP 10 recap of… Read more »

047: Healing Your Core & Pelvic Floor After Birth with Jessica Pumple

Jessica is a pre and postnatal fitness instructor (as well as a dietitian, diabetes & bariatric educator). She healed her 4-finger diastasis recti gap after her pregnancy and now helps moms heal and restore their core in 30 days. You’ll learn so much from our conversation and the bonus material included below in the show… Read more »

046: Preparing your pelvic floor and core for birth with Anita Lambert

Anita Lambert is the owner of Holistic Health Physiotherapy and a Registered Pelvic Health and Orthopaedic Physiotherapist with a focus on women’s health, specifically prenatal and postpartum care. She’s one of the select few physiotherapists in Canada to receive advanced training in labor support, which blends orthopedic physiotherapy expertise with birth doula support. Anita is… Read more »

045: Using your intuition to make parenting less stressful with Katie Beecher

International medical and spiritual intuitive, Katie Beecher joins me to talk all about intuitive parenting. Katie has been endorsed by and featured in Goop and many other publications. She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor for the past 30+ years, a former Special Education teacher and mom to 21 and 27-year-old daughters. Easily tap into… Read more »

044: Planning for a Positive Postpartum Phase with Sarah Blunkosky

Sarah Blunkosky, M.A., R-PYT, R-CYT is an integrative education consultant, certified peer-breastfeeding counselor, and registered Accessible yoga instructor specializing in family, children’s, special needs, and prenatal/postpartum movement/embodiment. She serves clients in Northern Virginia and travels for service appointments, conferences, and workshops with local studios and her company, Learning Heroine LLC. You can find her on… Read more »

043: A Minimalist Approach to Pregnancy + Postpartum with Diane Boden

Diane Boden is the host of the Minimalist Moms Podcast. In this episode, Diane shares how we can take a more simplified and minimalist approach to pregnancy and postpartum. A minimalistic lifestyle means different things to different people. When you have a family and children, it changes the definition even more. Diane shares how to… Read more »

042: 6 Keys to Feeling Like Yourself Again with Shannon Shearn

Retired Circus Acrobat turned health coach for moms, Shannon Shearn helps moms learn how to prioritize their health and happiness in a way that feels sustainable and gets them to their healthy living goals! Grab several incredible resources related to this episode here. In this episode, you’ll hear about: Shannon and her two boys (3:55)… Read more »

041: Orgasmic Birth with Debra Pascali-Bonaro

Founder & President of Pain to Power Childbirth online classes, Director of the award-winning documentary Orgasmic Birth: The Best-Kept Secret and co-writer of “Orgasmic Birth: Your Guide to a Safe, Satisfying and Pleasurable Birth” Debra Pascali-Bonaro talks about: What is Orgasmic Birth? Birth and Sex? How are they connected? How does fear cause pain in… Read more »