112: Empowering Self-Care as the Best Preventative Medicine with Dr. Marie Rodriguez

Dr. Marie Rodriguez truly believes in the body’s innate healing wisdom and is passionate about helping others gain access to their inner power. She has been in naturopathic medicine practice since 2002 and has over 20 years of experience as a craniosacral practitioner.
As a fervent seeker and forever student, Dr. Marie’s own personal healing journey led her to experience and study a myriad of energy healing modalities. Dr. Marie recognizes that the physical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects of our human experience are all highly intertwined. She skillfully weaves the contents of her eclectic medicine bag to support people wherever they are on their own healing journey.
What you’ll hear in this conversation: 
  • Becoming empowered to trust your body’s innate healing ability.
  • Taking the fear out of the equation when it comes to your health and the health of your family.
  • Turn off the TV and tune into yourself – the power of the mind-body connection.
  • Our connection to nature is therapeutic and healing.
  • Germ phobia is misguided.
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