Journaling Your Way to the Heart

Journaling: A Simple and Powerful Practice

It is important to release thoughts and feelings (good or bad) that may weigh you down in any way. Some people like to talk to friends or family, but many people experience journaling as a cathartic exercise in self-exploration. As author Steven Levine said, “When the mind is clear, you can see all the way to the heart.” Journaling helps you tap into the deeper knowledge of yourself that exists beyond intellect and ego because, when you let go of the things that normally clog your mind, you get to know yourself better. This ultimately enables you to determine what you truly want or need. True self-care can only happen when you see yourself clearly.

If traditional journaling doesn’t feel right for you, another idea is to create a Gratitude Journal. Keep a list of things, big and small, for which you feel grateful. You can also write what you love or enjoy about being pregnant. Struggle with anxiety or worrying thoughts, especially at night? Writing down a list of five or more reasons to be thankful for what you have can be a wonderful addition to your bedtime routine. Positivity is key, however it is not always easy to access.

You may find yourself expressing worries or concerns while journaling, but I recommend being mindful of putting too much negativity on paper all at once. If you use your journal to vent, to recap the happenings of your day, or to sort out your ideas and thoughts about things to come, consider concluding your entry with a positive thought so as to bring balance to your day. This will allow your mind and emotions to slow down and even themselves out.

Benefits of Journaling

Increases Focus
Releases pent up thoughts and emotions
Strengthens your sense of yourself
Gain clarity for what you desire
Lower stress levels


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