When you’re a mom, everything has to be washable

Life is messy. Life with kids is really messy! If I can’t easily clean or wash something easily, forget it! I had a cute area rug in my girls’ playroom that was destroyed and I had to throw it away because there wasn’t an easy way to keep it clean. Just to be honest, the dogs didn’t help the situation! I needed a new area rug but was afraid to invest in something that might get ruined again. After some Google searching, I found Lorena Canals Rugs. I loved scrolling through the huge variety of cute rugs. The best part is that they are machine-washable! I didn’t know there was such a thing as a machine washable rug! After doing a bit of mom research and scrolling, it seemed like a really great option. I’m a bit of a “crunchy granola mom”, so I really liked the fact that they are eco-handmade and don’t contain any VOCs.

These soft and natural rugs were created by a mama looking for a solution for a mom-problem, so created the solution herself. I love mom-made businesses! Not only that, but they have a philanthropic mission too. Proceeds support the Sakula project, which provides schooling for children in India. This always impresses me. I’m actually trying to figure out how to create a service component to Pure Nurture. If you have any suggestions for great non-profits that support pregnant women, please send me an email.

Back to my rug searching story… After a little more scrolling through the different colors, sizes, and styles, I finally decided on the pink heart rug with the attached heart poof. Last week my, I mean, my daughters’, sweetheart-shaped rug arrived compliments of Lorena Canals. After throwing it in the dryer for 10 minutes to get out all the wrinkles from shipping I put it in my girls’ playroom, all warm and fluffy. The girls and both dogs immediately jumped on the rug and started playing and cuddling.

The attached mini heart poof is the favorite part. My four-year-old made it a comfy bed for her stuffed bunny. I’m always looking for eco-friendly options when it comes to my house and things for my girls. I’m excited to have found this rug company to add to my eco-friendly product list. If you have any questions about preparing your home for baby or for your kids in an eco-conscious way, please send me an email anytime. If you’d like to check out all the different rug designs at Lorena Canals, check out their website or on Instagram. You can also get tons of mom-to-be and mom support on PureNurture.com or on Instagram @pure_nurture. 

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