Find out which childbirth education course is right for you

Fun fact: one hospital childbirth education class was all I took before giving birth to my first daughter. 

Back then, the idea of birth freaked me out. All I wanted was for the nurse to tell me what to do. I laugh at it now.

When I gave birth to my second daughter, I found hypnobirthing, and the second birth experience was so much less hectic and filled with peace. I love teaching Hypnobirthing because I know it’ll make a world of difference for you.

Now, hypnobirthing is one of the most effective strategies I teach to my clients, so they can have a more enjoyable birth experience. Yes, ladies and gentleman, IT’S POSSIBLE!

Here’s a quick peek at results Hypnobirthing have given my clients:

  • Reduced fear and anxiety about giving birth to actually looking forward to it! 
  • Helped one mom feel calmer and more relaxed after her baby arrived
  • Understood more about her body and felt more confident about the birthing process

Amazing, right?!

On the flip side, I know Hypnobirthing isn’t the right course for everyone. So, I created a quiz to determine the best birth education course for you based on your personality! Click here and see.

Within minutes, you’ll know the next birth education class for you to look into. There are so many of them out there, which is why I took the five most popular approaches and put them in the quiz. At the end of the quiz, you’ll find more resources to guide you.

Why You Should Take the Quiz:

  • It helps to know your choices. Maybe one style of giving birth is right for you, right now. The next time you give birth, you may be interested in trying a different approach. Know your options, so you can make an informed decision.
  • Feel empowered. The more you know, the more empowered you’ll feel to ask for support during labor. For example: Did you know you have the right to ask your doctor for your placenta?
  • You’ll be more prepared. As you face new challenges, you’ll have to figure out the best approach for birth. It may take some time. The quiz will give you a great starting point. As you learn new ideas, you’ll grow personally. Usually when one person grows, their partner or family members uplevel, too.


How to Start the Quiz

Click here and you’ll be taken to a series of questions about how you prefer to do things in your life. They’re easy questions. The whole quiz will take three minutes! 


I’d love to hear from you! Email me with your quiz results. Can’t wait to see what lines up for you!


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