The Benefits of Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

It’s that time. Your little one has an unmistakable bump under their gums, has started drooling like a leaky faucet, wants everything to become a chew toy, and is starting to be grumpy for no apparent reason. Teething has arrived and you’re looking for the best ways to help them through it.

Of course, there are the remedies that you probably grew up with: ibuprofen for swelling and acetaminophen for pain, chew toys for soothing counter-pressure, and a calm acceptance that until those teeth all come in, you probably won’t be sleeping through too many nights. It’s not a great solution, raising concerns about too much dependence on synthetic drugs to treat babies, adding the hassle of carrying teething toys wherever you go,  and doubling the coffee budget just to keep you going, but you’re a dedicated parent and you’ll do what it takes!

What if there were a more convenient, less potentially harmful, and more complete remedy available to you? Parents who have found Baltic Amber teething necklaces argue that there is just such a remedy for the many challenges of teething.


Teething necklaces made from certified Baltic Amber offer the ultimate in convenience in treatment. The necklace is fitted carefully so that its length fits comfortably around your little one’s neck and underneath their clothing. The fit is of great importance; the effectiveness of the necklace depends on its beads being warmed by your baby’s body heat and thereby releasing the naturally-occurring effective ingredient – succinic acid – to be absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream.

Simply wearing the necklace provides a continuously administered stream of soothing relief. No liquid meds to make a mess, no concern about where you dropped that teething toy; just the ease of adding the necklace to the daily dressing routine for your little tooth-cutter.


Baltic amber teething necklaces provide relief from concern about dosing and side-effects. Succinic acid, the natural pain-relieving and inflammation-reducing agent found in Baltic amber, also occurs in small doses in the human body. Because it is ever-present, our bodies already have a process in place to recognize, utilize, and eliminate excess of it. The amount absorbed from a teething necklace, in effect, boosts the body’s natural processes, giving it more of what it needs.

Succinic acid is not stored in the tissues, but is used and eliminated, so there is no risk of overdose. Again, because our bodies already use this natural acid, long-term side effects are also not a concern. As your little one wears their necklace, they will absorb the succinic acid boost from the Baltic amber, use what they need, have continuous relief of symptoms, and face none of the harm found in synthetic medications.

Multi-symptom Relief:

Unlike other teething remedies, Baltic amber teething necklaces, found at Baltic Wonder, address all the major symptoms of teething simultaneously. Succinic acid has both anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, handling pain and swollen gums effectively. Inflammation of the gums triggers the excessive drooling present during teething; as the inflammation calms through access to a constant application of Baltic amber, so does the drooling.

Sleeplessness is generally the result of extended hours of discomfort or cycles of inconsistent relief created by synthetic medication doses wearing off. As teething necklaces provide consistency in pain relief, little ones are able to maintain a happier disposition and a more normal sleep schedule.

Among parents looking for more natural solutions to parenting challenges, Baltic amber teething necklaces have become a standard in care. Because of their convenience, versatility, and safety, they are making their way into mainstream parenting.  Perhaps, with the increasing availability of this better solution, parents won’t have to approach teething with such a sense of grim determination.


Guest Blog Post by: Jenn Sanders

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