121: Pregnancy and Autoimmune Diagnoses with Mikayla Wright and Cassandra Stockwell of Mamas Maternal Health

Mikayla Wright and Cassandra Stockwell of Mamas Maternal Health help women with Type 1 Diabetes &/or Autoimmune Diagnoses have a complication-free maternal journey. These ladies have walked similar paths as Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and Certified Lactation Counselors. With a burning passion to set mamas and their babies up for long-term health, they co-founded the Healthy Autoimmune Pregnancy Protocol because they’ve seen firsthand, the lack of support mamas with autoimmune diagnoses have, and wanted to create a solution. Also when breastfeeding seemed impossible, they found an organic way to get it pumping again.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • What women with autoimmune diagnoses need to worry about on their maternal journey
  • Thyroid dysfunction and testing
  • Failing at breastfeeding
  • Focusing on what you DO want & what you DON’T want
  • Misconceptions about autoimmune pregnancy, birth, and postpartum
  • Finding the confidence to advocate for your birth needs and desires
  • Why prioritizing your health in the autoimmune maternal journey is SO important
  • Not feeling guilty about getting extra support


Connect with Mikayla & Cassandra:

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