071: Cosmic Parenting with Tara Vogel

Tara Vogel helps moms stay connected to their kids and themselves via the cosmos. In this episode, Tara shares what Astrology is and how it can help you become the kind of mom you want to be.

She’ll talk about how understanding your child’s birth chart can help you to embrace and support the unfolding of your child’s authentic self. Understanding your birth chart can help you stay grounded in your own soul work as you navigate the very demanding and life-changing (and sometimes overwhelming) experience of motherhood.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Tara’s Coaching & Astrology for Mom’s
  • Birth Charts
  • How astrology helps Mom’s parent their children
  • Where Mercury is in your chart describes how you learn
  • Debra Silverman’s online astrology school
  • Tara’s Daily Cosmic Weather posts
  • Natal Charts
  • Transits
  • The Moon influences emotions
  • Astrology is a permission slip to be yourself

Astrology is the ultimate parenting hack so that you understand how to relate to your kids better. Learn more at TaraVogel.com and Instagram.

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