070: Living from Your Heart with Angela Barbieri Usas

Important question: Are you living from your head or your heart? A lot of us are stuck in our heads, working a job we hate without considering what our heart wants.

Angela Barbieri Usas, mom of three, guides us back to our hearts, so we can hear the truth of what we want. She believes we’re meant to live a life beaming from our heart centers. With the everyday demands of life, pulled in a million directions, it can be hard. Her passion is to empower women back to their wholeness, their hearts.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

Your mind and heart are always talking to you. Which one are you honoring? Get the support you need, friends. RadiantHeartCenterVA.com is here in Virginia, and online, to help you be your authentic self. To join Angela’s Gratitude Group, send her a message on Facebook or Instagram.


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