021: Climbing the Mama Ladder with Crystalee Beck

Crystalee Beck is a mama of three cute mess-makers, writer, six-figure entrepreneur, and co-founder of The Mama Ladder International, an organization that empowers women at the intersection of motherhood and entrepreneurship. After leaving her corporate ladder job, she “created her own ladder” to fit her family in 2016.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Crystalee’s journey to Motherhood (0:30)
  • Crystalee’s transition from corporate communications to creating her own business with the Mama Ladder (1:40)
  • How you can be a Mom AND run a business (6:00)
  • How to prepare for maternity leave as a business owner (9:50)
  • How to nurture yourself as a Mom (13:40)
  • How the Mama Ladder helps Mompreneurs (17:00)

Ready to climb the Mama Ladder? Step up here at themamaladder.com.


If you need help trying to conceive, you’ll want to come back next Tuesday to hear from Melissa Mor. She’s a Pregnancy and Wellness Coach who helps women focus on nutrition to create a healthy path to Motherhood. Next week on episode 22 of the Pure Nurture Podcast.