019: Hypnobirthing was the Most Empowering Thing I Did for Myself with Shveta Sontakey

“After taking hypnobirthing classes, I went from terrified to give birth to looking forward to it.” – Shveta Sontakey, Hypnobirthing mama and small business owner.

Learn all about why Hypnobirthing was the most empowering thing Shveta Sontakey did for herself and her family, and how a business grew out of her experience.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Shveta’s passion for birth, postpartum, and being mindful (1:37)
  • How hypnobirthing changed Shveta’s life (2:20)
  • How to know if hypnobirthing was the right birthing class for you (4:57)
  • Women’s mental health (6:30)
  • The power of affirmations (8:20)
  • Oath Bracelets by Sontakey (11:17)
  • Instagram.com/Sontakey

Now that you’ve heard how Hypnobirthing can help you look forward to giving birth, marvel at these beautiful Oath Bracelets at Sontakey.com and on Instagram. I mean, who couldn’t use this reminder: Every wave brings me closer to the shore. Learn about Shveta and see her beautiful family photo shoots at Shveta.com.