017: Movement and mindset during pregnancy and postpartum

Maria Alcoke is the host of the Engine Mom Podcast, a CrossFit-L1 trainer, a Certified Pre&Postnatal Coach and runs her own graphic & web design studio, MariaVida Creative.

After over 10 years in the creative field in both agency and education settings, she left the corporate world to pursue her own business right before the birth of her daughter. Now, three years into her motherhood and entrepreneurial journey with another baby girl on the way due in late 2018, Maria has a thriving design business and has merged her passion for teaching and fitness through coaching.

Maria realized the true value of community and connection while navigating some major transitions in 2015 which included moving across the country, starting her own business and becoming a mom. She is a firm believer in “it takes a village” when it comes to raising your family while simultaneously staying true to yourself. In September 2017, she launched The Engine Mom Podcast to provide unique perspectives from Moms who are driven by their passions and to inspire others to be their best selves by identifying what fuels them: their passions and greater purpose.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What mama Maria is up to (0:15)
  • Maria’s CrossFit routine and how she supports Moms-to-be (1:30)
  • The best type of movement for pregnancy (4:25)
  • The right amount of exercise while pregnant and as a new Mom (5:59)
  • The importance of working with a fitness coach (11:00)
  • What exercises Maria’s going to stop doing during her second pregnancy (13:57)
  • How new Moms can expect to exercise with a pregnant belly — Moving with Intention & Intensity (16:50)
  • Find a fitness coach you can trust online or in your area (18:44)
  • The mindset to stay fit during pregnancy through postpartum (19:50)
  • How Maria works with women in person and online (22:48)

After a hard workout, your muscles are crying out for rest. There’s a regular massage and then there’s Thai massage. In the next episode, Beth Howarth explains how pregnant women can receive massage and do yoga.


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