002: Mindfulness for Mothers

Rebecca Ryan is joining us from Melbourne, Australia. She has incredible insights to share for mamas and mamas-to-be about the benefits of developing a mindfulness practice and how to easily incorporate more mindfulness into your daily life. As a mama myself, I know how challenging this can be. Just listening to this episode will leave you feeling more relaxed.  So pop in your earbuds and prepare to leave the mini-chaos of life behind (just for a bit) and when you return you’ll be able to manage the ups and downs of mom-life with greater ease and less stress.

More about Rebecca… Rebecca is the author of ‘Mindfulness for Mothers’ and a mother of two. She is the founder and principal yoga and meditation teacher at Surrender Yoga and Meditation. She has taught meditation and pre & postnatal yoga since 2007. Rebecca’s meditations are featured on Insight Timer, the most popular free meditation app. Rebecca is currently on the Board of Advisors of the International Forum for Wellbeing in Pregnancy. (IFWIP) Previously, she was a faculty member of the International Yoga Teachers Association’s Diploma of Yoga Teaching (Pre & Post Natal).

In this Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What inspired Rebecca to write Mindfulness for Mothers and her journey towards motherhood (2:30)
  • There’s no minimum dosage for meditation (5:41)
  • The difference between mindfulness and meditation (6:47)
  • What if I can’t make my mind go blank (9:50)
  • Mindfulness Meditation that can be done while driving (11:33)
  • Bringing mindfulness and meditation to pregnancy (20:19)
  • This is your opportunity to ASK for what you want (24:04)
  • Insight Timer Meditation App and how to put our phones down more often to separate from social media (23:39)
  • Cell Phone Sleeping Bags (31:45)
  • When you fully see your teenager, without (34:01)
  • Key components of Mindfulness for Mothers book (34:22)

Learn more about Rebecca Ryan at RebeccaRyan.com.au, Insight Timer, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


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Speaking of mindfulness… Join us next time when we welcome Kori Kostka to the show. Kori is a mom supporting other moms to incorporate mindfulness into mealtimes. And just like Rebecca, Kori has a soft and gentle way of speaking that will leave you feeling more relaxed and inspired to take on whatever comes your way.