001: Preparing for birth and breastfeeding with Molly Mills, RN & IBCLC

Welcome to the very first episode of the Pure Nurture Podcast! I’m so glad that you’re here.

I’m your host and the founder of PureNurture.com, Kristy Rodriguez. I’m excited to have you join me on this inaugural episode. In future episodes, we’ll be speaking with educators, experts, advocates, and moms in the field/ who have dedicated their lives and work to supporting women on their journey through Pregnancy, birth and the precious postpartum phase of motherhood.

Before we dive into these conversations and learn more from and about our upcoming guests, I first wanted to introduce you to Pure Nurture and give you the background story and share what Pure Nurture is all about, how it got started, and where it’s headed.

Pure Nurture is all about a Holistic approach to creating a healthy new life for mom and baby. It is a community where we fully believe that self-care is baby-care. It encompasses a mind-body approach to pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.

Pure Nurture is about connection, community, learning, inspiration, empowerment, self-care, self-love and most importantly, it’s a place where you can take all of this in, and ONLY keep what feels best for you and your family and leave the rest.

I created Pure Nurture after suffering from postpartum depression. The various challenges of pregnancy and motherhood left me feeling alone and I knew I needed so much more connection and support. My hope is that this community will help you to feel more connected, to find the support you need and to ultimately feel your best.

We are all in this together, this motherhood journey. And it’s full of love, laughter, crying, whining, excitement, contradictions, judgments, and so much more. Just like life, it is full of ups and downs.

My hope is that this podcast supports you on your journey and leaves you feeling inspired, empowered, and supported as a woman, a mom-to-be, and as a mom.

For our very first episode, we are joining Molly Mills, RN, and IBCLC. Molly is on the lactation team at the mama ‘hood where she runs a weekly Breastfeeding Group as well as an Infant Sleep Group. Molly is passionate about building a strong community for mamas and families so everyone has access to support. There is so much advice and information out there, Molly’s passion is in helping parents discover what feels right for them in their parenting journey, which is exactly what you will hear during our conversation. When she’s not at the ‘hood, she’s out on a run, learning to meditate or playing outdoors with her husband and three daughters. Molly will leave you feeling supported, empowered, and connected as a mama, especially related to birth and breastfeeding.

In this Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Pure Nurture was born (1:23)
  • Meet Molly Mills, a Mom, RN, and Lactation Consultant (6:06)
  • What the Mama’Hood is in Denver, Colorado (8:11)
  • How Moms can set themselves up for success expect after the baby arrives (10:50)
  • How to tune into your intuition (17:33)
  • How to prepare for birth (24:33)
  • Asking women to please not share their birth stories until after you’ve given birth (29:15)
  • How Moms can set up a good breastfeeding relationship with their baby (30:35)
  • The Breast Crawl Video (34:08)

Learn more about Molly Mills at the MamaHood.com.


Thank you so much for listening. And remember, self-care is baby-care.  The better we support ourselves, and each other, as mamas, the more we’ll have to give back to our little ones.

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Join us next time when we join Rebecca Ryan, all the way from Australia! Rebecca is the author of Mindfulness for Mothers.  She will share all the ways meditation and mindfulness can support us as mamas and mamas-to-be. Just her voice alone will leave you feeling calmer, centered, and more relaxed.