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Hello. My name is Kristy, and I’m the founder of Pure Nurture®. Over the years I’ve met many women who don’t enjoy their pregnancies. I’ve met many mamas who have children that experience various health concerns. After years of teaching and working in the heath and wellness industry, and after becoming a mama myself, I wanted to create an empowering and inspiring community for women planning for pregnancy, already pregnant and mothers with babies or young children. The health of our little ones is directly related to our health as mothers. Join us and gain the support you deserve during this unique and special time in your life.


The Pure Nurture Newsletter goes out every Thursday. You’ll receive support, inspiration, and information related to pregnancy and motherhood. These are BIG focus areas, therefore, for the Pure Nurture Community, we focus on self-care, what that means to you, honoring those needs and doing what you can to feel your best, not only for your well-being, but for your little ones as well. Our key focus areas are Mind- mindfulness and meditation, Body- movement, yoga, and nutrition, and Birth or Post-birth, making a smooth transition from pregnancy to motherhood.


I love the encouraging messages you’re sending to expecting and new mothers. -Yellow Bird Doula
All that you share always makes me feel better about mamahood when I’m having rough days. -Erika  


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Being a mom isn’t easy. Being pregnant can be the best time in your life or the most miserable. No matter what your experience, you are welcome here. You’re not alone. This is a safe community, free from judgment, to-do-lists, or “things-I-must-do-in-order-to-be-a-good-mom” list. From mama to mama, I’m here to support you on this unique and special journey. With the information, inspiration and tools shared here at Pure Nurture, you will find more ease, relaxation, and enjoyment on your journey towards and through motherhood.

Much love to you and your little ones,