Pure Nurture is devoted to the well-being of new mothers and mothers-to-be. Through our classes, workshops, communities, and personal sessions, new and aspiring moms can find the information and the inspiration they need on their personal journeys into motherhood. We help them find a path that nurtures and nourishes body, mind, and baby.

While we focus primarily on the phases of motherhood, self-care is a gift from which everyone can benefit. We invite you to explore these pages and to apply what you can to create a full and happy life.



Kristy Rodriguez is a certified holistic health coach and registered yoga instructor specializing in prenatal and postpartum wellness, support, and empowerment. With her cumulated years of experience in education and health, she brings extensive knowledge, personal experience, and deep compassion to her students.

Kristy founded Pure Nurture, LLC after working with women in various stages of pregnancy and after becoming a mother herself. Inspired by her own experience and the experiences of the motherhood collective, Kristy creates learning and teaching environments that meet her students where they are, whether they are trying to conceive, in their second trimester, or attempting the delicate balancing act of infant and self-care. Through classes, workshops, and her latest book, she inspires women to nurture and nourish themselves throughout their birth experience so they can lead happy, healthy, and empowered lives.

“The goal of Pure Nurture is to empower women to create ample space for self-care, movement, nourishment, and inward kindness. From these inner wells spring our ability to love and serve others; the more they brim, the less room there is for judgment, doubt, and guilt. The more generous we are with ourselves, the more we have to give.”  Kristy Rodriguez





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