Your body is capable of amazing things. It’s a physical home for your mind and spirit—and the new life you’re creating. Moving your body with intention is one of the most powerful ways to move your mind—from frantic to serene, from hesitant to hopeful—as you embrace your growing baby.

Yoga and meditation are among the self-nurturing tools that connect intentional physical movement with the mental and spiritual calmness so important as you meet the demands of motherhood. They help you stay grounded, ward off depression and anxiety, boost immunity and impart an overall sense of wellbeing.


“Kristy is a phenomenal prenatal yoga instructor. She made my pregnancy so much easier, helped me find specific ways to alleviate a lot of stress I felt, and connected me to other expecting moms. In the delivery room, my obstetrician even said she could tell I had been doing yoga and that it made my delivery faster (can it get any better than that)!”
-Angela D.


Sciatica woes. Posture changes. Pressure in all the wrong places.

Pregnancy, birth, motherhood—and life! —can be a pain. Yoga helps.

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