You may choose your birth plan, but there is no way to choose your birth story. It happens as it happens. A rite of passage and a tale no woman tires of telling (or hearing), birth stories are always beautiful (and sometimes dramatic or humorous or epic).

If your own birthing story has yet to be told, preparing for birth can feel scary and intimidating. No one can tell you how it will go; what we can tell you is that the most empowered are the best informed.  Explore your resources. Find your center. Give yourself the support and resources you need to find peace in what you can control. You’ve been waiting for this moment for nearly a year (or possibly much, much longer), and even as this chapter draws to a climactic close, remember: another beginning is right around the corner.

Reading other women’s birth stories is a popular pastime for pregnant women. But none of us gets to choose our exact birth story, and preparing for birth can feel intimidating. Being educated about your options and the details you might encounter on the big day is the best way to empower yourself through labor and delivery. Explore the resources below to support yourself in feeling centered and in-control when the time comes, so that you can find peace with the unique birth story that unfolds for you and your little one.

Here’s to a whole new life.

HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method

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Series of 5 classes. Each class is 2 1/2 hours long. Join us at East Meets West Yoga Studio in Tysons, VA.  Upcoming class dates coming in April 2018. Please contact for more information.